The idea behind founding of Sudarshan News by Suresh Chavhanke is to awaken the youth of ‘Bharatvarsh’ currently gripped in the mind control propaganda, so that they can lead the world on the pathway of sustainable development, making them aware of leading a balanced life in harmany with entire existence and refrain from following the regressive practices & dogmas of western civilizations, that has brought endless chaos around the world in just last 50-70 years of human existence. In order to know why the world is facing emerging crisis in various forms, it is pertinent to know what is the importance of Sanatan Dharma and vedic values based system and how it contributed to humanity and the world around ? 

(Importance of Worshipping all forms of Creations) 

The super scientists of the ancient era, known today as Rishi-Muni were the pioneers in developing a holistic system for leading life, which was in complete harmony with the entire creation, the principles of which were inscribed in most mysterious texts till date, known as ‘Vedas’, the essence of which is still incomprehensible to modern day scientists, especially of the West. We were taught to worship all forms of creation around us be it cow, trees, earth, rivers, mountains, god incarnates (Lord Shri Ram, Yogeshwar Krishna, etc.) and having devotion towards our teachers like Gurus, Parents, Siblings, Elders in society and our Motherland. But due to narrow minded imperialistic ambitions and designs, this most scientific way of life was ridiculed and condemned by those who were ignorant about the science behind these beliefs and practices taught by the oldest civilization of the world.

In the present day world scenario, societies and people across the globe are gripped by disharmony and violence and the pundits across the spectrum are trying to rationalize the same as a change and suggesting the masses to accept terming it as an evolutionary process. Little do they realize that all the challenges that the modern the world faces are rooted due to deviation from the value based system taught by our Rishis since the time immemorial. If we look at the major crisis that the societies around the world face today, we would notice that it is a result of short sighted and crude approach of lesser developed civilizations, that has brought the world to this crisis, which may be broadly understood through the following points :

1. Terrorism: In order to accomplish imperialistic designs, the arms & ammunition manufacturers need the chaos and territorial wars, so that demand for their goods is active and

often terrorism has been bred under the religious & ethnic propaganda all across. Also to keep the developing nations bleeding and busy, restraining them from having good ties with

their neighbours, it is often engineered by the deep state of powerful economies. To expose this myth of ‘Terrorism’ being bred under religious propaganda, we need to think and analyze

whether it was prevalent before the First World War ? Why has it mushroomed mostly after world wars in second part of the 20 th century ?

2. Population : The rise in population is mainly attributed to two reasons, poverty and religious crusades by lesser developed civilzations/religions to outnumber the people of other religion

and beliefs.

3. Demographic Imbalance : Due to the wrong policies imposed by the state and propaganda imposed under the guise of ‘protection of minorities’, such imbalance takes place, which is

quite detrimental to the overall stability & prosperity of a state and the world community in the long run. Religious crusaders are funded and guided by vested interest groups, as it a

modern day warfare technique.

4. Poverty, Hunger & Malnutrition : As per recent studies by reputed think tanks and experts around the world it has been found that the rise in meat production especially in Western

countries, has significantly contributed to rise in prices of food grains and its shortage of food grains. The statistics reveal that  for production of a few kgs of meat, tonnes of food grains,

vegetables and water is required. Also it has been revealed that if meat production is cut down from its current levels, there are enough stocks of food grains to feed every on this planet. Due

to many such practices and habits of the developed economies, half the world population strives in hunger & malnutrition.

5. Environmental Pollution : As per a 2007 UN report, it has been stated that all kinds of automobiles, aeroplanes, trains, etc contribute to 13% of the world green house gases emissions

and on the other hand the cattle rearing by the meat industry contribute to 18% emissions of the green house gases like CO2 (, as the amount of cold storage facility required, clean water used by this industry and the transportation amounts to major pollution. Further, the meat industry is also responsible for scarcity of clean water, as for producing a pound of beef in industrial  process more than 7570 litres of clean water is required, which made even people like Prince Charles to ask US for cutting down its consumption of beef, for saving clean water resources.(

6. Degeneration of the institution of Family : It has been well acknowledged across the world that our country has had the strongly family bond. But from the turn of the century, we have noticed that the divorce rates, live relationships and regressive culture is on the rise and being supported by the mainstream media and unregulated vulgar / obscene content is being promoted on national television channels and internet under the guise of ‘freedom of speech &  expression’, which has lead to weakening of this most important institution in our society.

7. Rising Crime

8. Substance Abuse :

10. Rise in diseases & deterioration of mental health :

11. Global Warming :

12. Religious Intolerance :

13. Cultural decline :

14. Rising debt :

15. Literacy programs bereft of Education :

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