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Suresh Chavhanke

A pioneer in the fourth estate, someone who has brought new dynamism in this field through his versatile, fearless, bold, and revolutionary approach, touching the deepest strings of the hearts of billions of Indians across the globe. His  unconventional approach of using his vast experience and knowledge in bringing awakening amonst fellow countrymen has set a new benchmark for the television media industry resulting in conventional journalists trying to tow his line and pitch which revolves around Nationalistic vision.


Brief Biography by an Admirer

Suresh Chavhanke, an eminent Indian journalist and anchor to popular news shows like BindasBol, ChalteChalte & Jan Sansad, is the Editor in Chief of Sudarshan News, an Indian News Channel, which was launched in 2005. Born in a religious Marathi family in Shirdi on 18th February, 1972, he got associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a Bal Swayamsevak. He was blessed to receive blessings, guidance and tutelage under great Saint Janardan Swami ji. He did his graduation and law in Maharashtra and worked as journalist of ‘Tarun Bharat’ (a Maharashtra daily newspaper) and was also editor in chief of

and first web journalist in Marathi.

Drawing inspiration from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Acharya Chanakya, apart from other national stalwarts, he has always carried a sense of pride in showcasing the beauty and grandeur of Sanatan Dharma and has always taken the subversive forces head-on, who are acting against the national interest and culture of our country. Since, inception of the channel, he has not looked back in his career and has always rejected the

appeasement policy that the mainstream media houses follow to make the string pullers of power play amused, at the cost of national interest. Sensing a void in mainstream electronic media, where appeasement of various power centers and vested interest groups, both internal and external, reduced the fourth estate (an important pillar of democracy) to a mind control tool, he chose the thorny path to reveal the dark reality and enormous challenges that had gripped our society due to the deceptive content being promoted through majority of the

mainstream media.

At a time when TV news channels were reduced to Entertainment channels and instruments of running propaganda /PR for their sponsors, Suresh Chavhanke took a resolve that his only aim while serving as Editor in chief of Sudarshan News is to unearth the sinister designs of anti-national & subversive forces who are in full action in India and made the public at large aware of the real danger that they face, inculcating a sense of nationalism in them through cultural review


Culture, religion and education system is the backbone of our country and on all three counts we have been hit hard in the last few centuries. In order to revive and place India back into the orbit of global leader, it is pertinent to adopt the path where value based education system and preservation of our cultural legacy & heritage should be pivotal. At a time when the various external forces are trying to spread balkanisation of this great country and are actively doing

conversions of the majority population, Sudarshan News became a savior under the aegis of Suresh Chavhanke, as all his campaigns like stringent anti-Cowslaughter laws across the country, abolishing 370, building Ram Temple, criminalizing triple talaq, Population Control Law (Hum do hamare do), exposing traitors and seditious forces like Zakir Naik, Owaisi, saving our youth from the dark alleys of leftist propaganda and drug culture, GMO free food & strict labeling norms brought massive awareness among the Indian masses.

Suresh Chavhanke is the only journalist and media personality who has never cared about his public image being tarnished several times by the vested interest groups, rather has always been committed in keeping the National interest of this country supreme even if it comes at a price of losing sponsorships of his channel, threats to his life or making enemies within the establishment. This country needs eminent media personalities like him, in order to fulfill the dream of ‘Akhand Bharat’.


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